The GAAM Show is a very open event, with little to no limited access areas. As such, there are no press exclusive areas or privileges. If you wish to photograph or video/audio record the festival, you are more than welcome to do so per the media policy in our code of conduct. Bags may be subject to search when entering safety-sensitive areas such as our concert hall. Any questions about our press policy can be directed to [email protected]

Interview requests

The GAAM Show does not directly coordinate/schedule press interviews with guests, though press are welcome to contact us to request guest contact information. Members of the press are also encouraged to approach guests directly at the festival.

Interviews with The GAAM Show staff can be arranged directly through us. Please note that during the event interviews are EXTREMELY difficult and rare with the GAAM Show staff.
Questions regarding interviews can be sent to [email protected]

Information about The GAAM Show

President and Founder –
Ryan Thompson

Ticketed Events produced:

2019 GAAM Holiday Nerd Market at Aloft
2018 GAAM Holiday Nerd Market at Aloft

2016 GAAM Secret Toyland Drive
2016 GAAM Freedom Alliance Night
2015 GAAM ICONS: Opening Party of the GAAM ICONS Exhibit at MOSH
2014 GAAM Pop-Up Event: Games for You, Toys for Tots with Fuzion Vapor

2020 GAAM Love Night at Aloft
2019 GAAM Love Night at Aloft
2018 Retro Hero GAAM Night at MOSH
2017 Retro Love GAAM Night at MOSH

2019 Space GAAM Show
2018 GAAM Anime Show
2017 GAAM Adventure Show
2016 GAAM VS Show
2015 GAAMvengers Show
2014 GAAM Fantasy Show
2013 Teenage Mutant Ninja GAAM Show
2013 The Legend of GAAM Show
2012 GAAM Show

A Few of the Companies That Have Set Up At GAAM
PRP Wine
Red Bull
Video Game Rescue
8-Bit Heroes
Silliness of Sewing
Happy Grilled Cheese
Delish Kebabs
Danilo’s Famous Lumpia
Hard Knock’s Laser Tag
Studio Captivate

Insults Made at the Audience During the Charity Art Auction
Over 9000

Charities GAAM Has Supported
First Coast No More Homeless Pets
Extra Life
Child’s Play
St Jude Children’s Hospital

Year started:

Press coverage:

For any The GAAM Show press inquiries, contact us at [email protected]

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