Frequently Asked Questions

When is GAAM?

Saturday, July 28, 2018,  officially starting at 6:00pm, and officially ending at 11pm, but we have a habit of doing something extra afterwards. 😉

What is GAAM?

GAAM stands for Games Art And Music. Once a year we do a big show, that are nightlife events modeled after art shows and after parties. There’s video game stations, cosplay, live art auction where the bidders get roasted, video game themed art installations, video game tournaments, prizes, drinking, dancing, break dancing, video game art, martial arts, and more!

Who’s playing

DJ Hydro with more to be announced!

Which Indie Game Studios are going to be there?


I wanna enter the Cosplay contest! How can i sign up?

You can sign up here.

Is there going to be another AFTER AFTER Party?

Maaaaaaaaaybe. 🙂

Where should I stay? Is there a hotel nearby?

Info coming soon.

Wait…this is in Jacksonville? Where!?

The Museum. You can check here for a map and get directions.

Are there going to be video games there?

Always! Storm Unity and Video Game Rescue will be contributing console games and there will also be new (and possibly unreleased) indie games, exhibitors such as Nintendo and Microsoft, and possibly a few other GAAM styled games. 😉

How do artists get involved?

Easy! Artists can enter our juried art show here. Just make your art is formatted to print on an 12×18, and our judges will quickly look at your art and get right back to you.

Is the art competition local only?

We’re VERY local friendly, but this is open to all. So you could be in Alaska, or China, or wherever (we even love Martians) and participate!

How do vendors get involved?

Good question. If you’re video game related, contact me here if you’d like to be a vendor. If you sell something like paintings of birds, used dvds, or rims, baby dolls, etc.,etc. please don’t. You wouldn’t sell much at the show, the guests won’t enjoy it, and then we’d look like jerks for taking your money.

I make video games! How do I show off my game at GAAM?

You MAKE games? You better click here and email us. Like…TODAY. We love game creators!

How much are tickets?

$20-$100, depending on how early you buy them and how many. You can get them at


Thanks for making my life complicated. jk Email me and we’ll talk. No promises, but we’ll talk:)

I want to be in the Invitational Charity Art Exhibit! How do I sign up?

Unfortunately, the Charity Art Exhibit is invitation only. We seriously just invite people out of the blue (after spending weeks if not months trying to find the best). You can send us pics of your work, and if it makes sense for the show, we’ll send you an invite.

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