GAAMVengers Assemble! It’s the 2015 GAAM Fashion x Cosplay Shoot XD

On July 25th, GAAMvengers, ASSEMBLE! Each GAAM Show, we get together and assemble some of the most talented cosplayers, designers, models, photographers, and videographers to create the GAAM Fashion X Cosplay Shoot and Exhibit. Show your support of the heroes of the community with a like, comment, or share, and we’ll see all of you on July 25! Now be a hero and save on those limited advance tickets at 😉 #seeWhatWeDidThere

It’s always an honor to work and meet with such gifted people! Special thank you to Blythe, Jenifer Ann, Joyce “Lystrade” Kay, Panzer Cosplay, AWS Craft, Lady Valkyrie Tailoring, MsValentine, Klara Cu Photography & Design, Francis Peejay Santos, Jonathan DelRosario, Steven Vermaelen, Elier Ramos, Iron Man – Jax, Miki Sarroca, Patrick Duffy, Liss Moses, Ryan Heaton, Lilmspanda, FuZion Vapor, Guys Girl, Roarshack Studio, and the entire GAAM Community!

RSVP for updates, prizes, and more at