Sponsors and Partners

2019 gaam show sponsorship
Sponsors and Partners

GAAM Show Details

Saturday, August 17th, 6pm-10pm

Schultz Center
4019 Boulevard Center Drive Jacksonville, FL 32207

What Is It?
Jacksonville’s biggest gaming event, benefiting multiple charities, pushing acceptance and accesability, while celebrating gaming culture.

Sponsors and Partners


  • Invitational Charity Art Auction with art from local and international artists and gaming companies benefiting multiple causes such as First Coast No More Homeless Pets, Extra Life, and others!
  • Free Beer Hours!
  • VIP experiences with additional time, drinks, swag, and more!
  • Juried Art Exhibits with submissions from all over the world
  • Award winning Cosplay Exhibit
  • Jacksonville’s HYPEST and Favorite Cosplay Contest!
  • Video Game Based Selfie Spots
  • Livestreaming
  • Casual Gaming Stations
  • Tournaments
  • Video Games on giant projections screens
  • Dancing
  • Full Bars!
  • Food Trucks
  • Exhibitors such as Nintendo, Sony, and others!
  • Arcade Cabinets
  • Prizes and Giveaways
  • And more!
Sponsors and Partners

Reach and Audience

  • 45°/o Female
  • 55°/o Male
  • 90°/o of Online Audience is 18-35
  • 1000+ Attendees last year (consistently the biggest gaming event in Jacksonville since 2012)
  • 800k+ Impressions on FB this year
  • 7k+ Mins of video viewed per week
  • 20,000+ Followers across Twitter
  • 2300+ Members in the FB Group
  • 8700+ Followers on Main FB Page
  • 2500+ Followers on lnstagram

Join GAAM and be a part of the future of gaming in Jacksonville

We want to build the esports and gaming community in Jacksonville and align you with it.

Pokemon Go has over 147 million active users, and has been downloaded over 800 million times. Overwatch was watched for over 101 million hours. Dragon Ball Fighter Z had 258,000 simultaneous viewers, and Street Fighter V had 215,000 simultaneous viewers during ONE EVENT.

That’s the community and culture we want to grow here in Jacksonville.

It’s also a young community without role models and leaders to instill values and push good sportsmanship. To grow that community and make sure that the next generation of garners, athletes, and leaders have GUIDANCE AND OPPORTUNITIES, WE need YOUR help.

Your sponsorship will help us create a more appealing event with bigger payouts for competitions. This not only creates more engagement points between your brand and it’s audience, but it brings more people into our city [we already have people flying in from Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, etc.) and creates more opportunities for the next generation.

It will help us manage communities and make it possible to have role models and community leaders at events. They’ll be able to supervise and provide guidance to these young athletes, and show them how to LOSE WITH GRACE, WIN WITH HUMILITY, AND SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER as they all strive for greatness.

It will help us achieve EQUALITY. We are pushing for representation and will have female Tournament Organizers, Commentators, and most importantly, COMPETITORS, and we put together an All Women’s Tournament, to highlight women in gaming, and show that women can compete, too.

It will help us make gaming ACCESSIBLE. This year, GAAM Gladiators will be one of the first esports events (ii not THE FIRST) to have an interpreter during the finals. We are currently seeking funding to introduce gaming stations with accessible controllers. This is the beginning of a long road that we started traveling down during the GAAM Show, to help make the future more accesible for everyone.

Click here if you’re interested in speaking with us about sponsorship or partnership opportunities.