Yoshi’s Island The Manga by Jessica Tails Urmanec

Title of Work – Yoshi’s Island The Manga
Artist – Jessica Tails Urmanec
Description – This piece will forever be an important symbol of a HUGE victory and achievement in my life. A true realization that my possibilities truly are endless and whatever life throws at me means nothing if I just keep aiming for the things I truly want.

Last show I entered the juried art contest and didn’t win anything I got discouraged and thought just because I didn’t win that my work went unseen. But boy was I WRONG! I was asked by the program coordinator to join the charity art auction exhibit for this upcoming show! Unlike the juried art contest no just anyone can get into this exhibit only people invited in so it kinda doubles as a professional art gallery! So excited I’m not sure what to do with myself.

Decided to do a Yoshi’s Island piece. It’s called “YOSHI’S ISLAND THE MANGA” and it’s 12 x 30 inches and will be one of a kind print on 1.5 inch canvas with a thank you message written on the sides of the border.

The format/concept and inspiration came from a Vegeta wallpaper I made a few years back. Overall was a pretty fun project to work on. I vectored the logo and manipulated it to say “The manga” looks pretty legit. I tried to have the aspects of it stay as true to the game as possible. for example the star counter in the corner. Decided to go with number 11. November is the 11th month in the year and My boyfriend and I’s anniversary month =) also The words in the word bubbles are quotes directly from the game’s opening and ending.

I even put a chapter title to try to emulate how all the lv’s in game had titles like a story. The title is just something I came up with to poke fun at something in combination with the fact that all throughout the game Kamek and co. tried so hard to stop Yoshi but failed pretty hard at it. “Infinity” and “me” kinda rhyme and what I was poking fun at since it is manga based is how Japanese show and manga titles 80% of the time are formated. TV tropes will help explain xD

I can’t wait to see it hanging up at the next show!

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