“TJ Combo” – Killer Instinct from Iron Galaxy Studios

Title of Work – “TJ Combo”
Invitational Charity Auction Artist – Iron Galaxy Studios
Proceeds will go towards Canine Cancer Foundation, WithLove, and Extra Life

Killer Instinct is back with new fighters, enhanced graphics, new game modes, and even more ULTRA COOOOMBOS!!! Try one of the available FREE characters to test yourself against a computer opponent or challenge players from all over the world.

You can purchase Killer Instinct here

TJ Combo
Not willing to admit defeat to younger challengers, TJ resorted to illegal cybernetic implants to keep his title of world champion. When discovered, he was stripped of his title and his world crumbled. Years later, determined to prove himself and regain glory, TJ rips out his cybernetics and returns to the fight.

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