Shrug Island from Tiny Red Camel

Title of Work – “Shrug Island”
Invitational Charity Auction Artist – Tiny Red Camel
Proceeds will go towards Canine Cancer Foundation

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Shrug Island – a 2D musical puzzle adventure for desktops (PC/Mac) and tablets (iOS/Android).
In this game, you play as 2 separated friends reconnecting with a living home they’ve been away from for a season, and trying to meet. You switch between the duo, use their different abilities to sing to their surroundings, assemble and collect parts of the world. In this way you will solve puzzles as you explore and bring together animated phases of an unusual story.

Based on the existing world from an awarded animation and the research of 2 previous mini-games, Shrug Island is a large point + click adventure, currently in stage of alpha prototype. With the help of Kickstarter, we’re working on the first of 4 chapters, each with average playtime of 60-90min. Help us get this game greenlit so we can bring you the rest!

Its a game concept 2 years in the making based off inspirations from animation to games, nature walks and museums, engaged audiences, and the support of an amazing network. On ourdevelopment blog[] you can see what’s in the works. Or, test parts of this research process available on our Kickstarter page[].

The Shrug world is a place that changes with the seasons. It’s an Island that speaks to its people with music, a place once a year covered by the ocean tides. Its the home of the Shrugs, beings deeply connected to nature and shape shifting with it. In this game you’ll awaken and maintain, and change the natural life cycles of this unusual 2D world, through several of its kids.

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