“Melee Dynasty is Dead” by Jessica Cone

Title of Work – “Melee Dynasty is Dead”
GAAM 2015 Juried Art Competition – Jessica Cone
Game – Smash Bros Wii U
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I never thought I’d see the day Yoshi could actually go toe to toe with Fox since the last huge smash title I owned was Melee. And we ALL KNOW “Fox only, No items, Final Destination” IS Melee in a nut shell. Which got down right annoying. Watching Melee tourneys get boring because they were ALWAYS the SAME EXACT THING.


So happy to see Smash 4 is changing that and Yoshi is being considered top tier this time around and rated considerably higher than all Melee top tier character! Also, absolutely LOVING Yoshi’s new pseudo Flash Kick like Fox’s so that way Fox can have a taste of his own meds >.< Words just could not describe how much joy that has bought to my heart so hopefully this picture does my emotions some type of justice!

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