“Dixie Kong for Smash Bros DLC!” by Jessica Cone

Title of Work – “Dixie Kong for Smash Bros DLC!Mushroom Kingdom”
GAAM 2015 Juried Art Competition – Jessica Cone
Game – Donkey Kong Country 2/ Smash Bros Wii U
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A poster for the “Dixie Kong for Smash DLC campaign”

My first time attempting to draw/emulate a 3D render completely from scratch. It was pretty hard to do and I really pushed myself so far out of my comfort zone to get this piece done. I never thought I could draw something that looked like a render. You never know what you can and can’t do unless you actually try! ~

As a lot of us already know Nintendo has opened up a “Fighters Ballot” to ask Smash players which characters they want playable in the game.


I am trying to rally for Dixie Kong for a couple of reasons.

– It would be nice to see more independent female fighters in smash who have never had to play damsel in distress! Dixie is a true symbol of female strength!

– She was originally planned for Smash Bros Brawl but was cut due to issues with time.

– She was pretty much one of the highest anticipated characters for Smash 4 (was practically in every “leak”/prediction) and was never added to the roster.

– The DK series only has 2 characters in smash which is odd because DK is like one of Nintendo’s top 5 selling franchises. This needs to be fixed.

-She starred in her own game back in 1996 which went on to be a TOP seller on the SNES.

– Her hugest issue is people aren’t voting her due to thinking she would be a “Diddy Kong Clone” which is NOT THE TRUTH AT ALL. She can be a completely unique and fun character!

**Here is a move set I have drawn to show her potential…

So if you could find it in your heart to please throw at least one vote Dixie’s way to help that would be more than great and you would forever be my Hero. If you play smash and don’t have any characters in mind, If you don’t play Smash Bros and if you don’t know enough about the character to feel confident in a vote please visit the main campaign site to get the facts and consider throwing in a vote.

– Main Site: https://dixie4smash.wix.com/votedixie
-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VoteDixie
-Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dixie4Smash
-Smash Boards: https://smashboards.com/threads/the-original-girl-with-the-whirl-dixie-kong-support-thread-get-on-over-to-smashbros-com-and-vote.324279/

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