Creation of Adolescent Radioactivity by Kai Kohl

GAAM Juried Art Competition Submission
Title of Work – Creation of Adolescent Radioactivity
Artist – Kai Kohl
Description – This was a parody comic that was born of the Ninja Turtles (Anyone else remember?) I loved the turtles and their imitators 🙂

This was drawn on a Commodore 64 in 16 colors, using a single button atari 2600 joystick and koala paint.

The screen resolution for this mode is a mere 160×200
and each 32 pixel cell withing that grid can only have four colors in it. As if 16 colors and 160×200 weren’t limitations enough 🙂

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GAAM-Juried Art Competition-Kai Kohl- Creation of Adolescent Radioactivity