Check-in, Knock-out from Lionade Games

Title of Work – “Check-in, Knock-out”
Invitational Charity Auction Artist – Yacht Club Games
Proceeds will go towards Canine Cancer Foundation

Knock-Out Other Guests From The Hotel!

You’ve booked a hotel room, but it turns out that this fine establishment has quadruple-booked. You and up to three other guests decide to settle it with an old fashioned brawl in the hotel room! Use the hotel’s items as weapons. Figure out who gets knocked-out!

In Check-in, Knock-out from Lionade Games, you can pick up anything you find in the hotel room, including the level and platform tiles, and lob them at your friends to knock them out.

Each character has a unique special ability which gives them their own distinctive playstyle, and the game is fast to learn, but features a distinct level of depth for those who seek more advanced techniques.


  • Multiplayer hotel wrecking madness!
  • Throw pieces of the hotel at your friends to knock them out.
  • Gradual smaller level by just throwing stuff!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master.
  • Every character plays completely unique and distinctive.
  • Eargasmic 8bit soundtrack by Marijn den Haan.

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