GAAM Invitational Charity Artist – Danny Earls

05182015-gaam-invitational-danny earlsMy name is Danny Earls. 26. Irish. Professional soccer player living in Pittsburgh, PA. I do my upmost to work like a professional artist but I’m nowhere there yet, the journey has been fascinating. I’ve played soccer for as long I can remember and I’ve drawn long before that. Art isnt just a part of my life, at this stage it is my life.. whether I’m drawing, gaming (way too much) or watching movies I cant help but get lost in the worlds and imaginations of those who created it. GAAM has been an incredibly big part of my development as an artist.. Seeing everyones work only strengthens my motivation to get better. I’m yet to get to a show 🙁 but even something as simple as this facebook group has such a family feel to it. Ive made friends for life and inspiration to my art forever. LONG LIVE GAAM!! 🙂 🙂

I’m not a bloke for selfies so my picture is one of me at my actual job all serious and stuff haha.