Thar She Blows! Noble Whale Studios is coming to GAAM!

noble whale studios

Noble Whale Studios is working on a cool game called “Grabbles” and it’s coming to GAAM!

Grabbles uses a simple mechanic: players interact with the environment by pulling themselves and others around with sticky elastic arms. Each Grabble is equipped with two stretchy appendages that are controlled using the thumbsticks and fired using the triggers of any USB controller, or with right and left mouse clicks. The character is built from a system of connected springs and responds dynamically to players and the environment. This 2-D platformer has a play style that encourages flow control and quick reflexes. Grabbles is easy to pick up and hard to put down. It provides an immersive, colorful world to explore, full of challenging environments for the casual player as well as an exhilarating and highly competitive multiplayer experience for the hard-core gamer.

You can help them and vote for them on Steam Greenlight here.