GAAM Invitational Charity Art Auction Student Application


Creating opportunities for the next generation of artists and gamers is very important to us. That’s why we’re opening up spots for a few lucky art students to be a part of the GAAM Invitational Charity Art Auction! So if you like making art about video games, anime, and movies, this is YOUR Art Show!

6 Lucky Students from local Jacksonville Colleges/Universities will be selected to create art for Charity Art Auction (which won the “Best Art Exhibit in Jacksonville” in 2017), they will have their art showcased all over the GAAM network, and given a free ticket to the GAAM Show on July 28th!

The cut-off date is May 18, 2018, so don’t wait! Other students are applying and there are only a few spots. Good luck!

Fill out my online form.


About Artist’s Rights and GAAM 🙂

GAAM does not have the right to sell the artist’s work without the artist’s permission.

The work is not to be produced and/or sold for additional posters, prints, t-shirts, or any other merchandise, physical or digital.

The artist retains all rights to their work, and grants GAAM a license to display their work for the event and for advertising and promotional instances.