GO Cosplay Contest


GO is GAAM Original. It’s also GAAM On. So it’s time for a cosplay contest, GAAM Style! Want to GO solo? Cool. Want to GO Co-Op?! Yup, you and one other person: your buddy, your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, WHATEVER! It’s time to GO Cosplay! Pick your song, get your cosplay, and dance your way into cash and prizes.

TWO  $150 prizes (one for best overall and best duo), 10 cosplay winner rings, 10 award certificates, and you get to choose YOUR OWN THEME SONG TO PLAY WHEN YOU COME OUT (probabaly…when we can get the song in time and there isn’t issues. Let’s be real, it happens) BAM.

GO Cosplay. :).

P.S. We’re limiting to 10 registrations online for the solo online, and 10 co op registrations online (15 max per group, so 10 entries will be open at the event), so get moving! 😀

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