Thank You GAAM Staff and Volunteers…You Guys Are GAAM Ninjas.

GAAM couldn’t ask for a better group of people. It’s time to take a second to recognize them and say, “Thank You”, to those GAAM Ninjas on our team.

Ray & Rudy – You guys have always had my back. Brown Bears!
Kyle- Baby cub!
Robert – Thank you for coming through with security, and being at all those art walks.
Patrick Duffy – So glad I met you! By the way, that triforce breakdown…genius!
Vanz – Thank you so much for working that door!
Justin and Andrew- You guys rock. You also drink a lot.
Heather – You can do better than Justin. jk
Klara – You’re irreplaceable.
Anan – Dude….just wow.
Jon – You lucked out. jk
Nathan – Thank you for stepping up at the last show!
Derrick – Meh.
Ed and Logan – Thank you guys for jumping into this with me!
Nes – Thank you for all that you do, and for drinking at Akaya. 🙂
Marc, Jasmine, and Cammy – You guys are the best!
Andy – Tamanaaaaaaan!
Ivonne, Sovagny, and Thea – Thank you guys so much for helping with the photo booth!
Jared, Haley, Laura, and Cory – You guys are CLUTCH!
Ken – Thank you so much for giving our vision life.
Josh – You gave me hope.
Steve- Thank you for your consistent passion.
Chris and Aubrey – Jack  Sparrow.
Jessica – Thank you for all your craftiness.
Kevin – Thank you so much for sticking with trying to set up that stupid google tv thing. hahaha
Sean – Thank you for always believing in this.
Holli – You’re the best thing that’s ever happened. I love you.