GAAM Testimonials


Every now and then somebody has something nice to say about working with us. Here’s a few testimonials of the nice things people have said about GAAM (we keep all the bad things in a separate folder).


Sherry K. | Nintendo

Working with Ryan and the GAAM group is always a true pleasure. They are a first class organization whose members strive for and reach the next level with each event they host. I am always excited to be invited back and look forward to the opportunity to interact with GAAM and their guests.


Dustin & Deanna | Video Game Rescue

Both as a long time supporter and vendor of GAAM, Video Game Rescue is thrilled to look forward to this art show each year. The way this event brings people together is just magical — you have people across all spectrums and walks of life, that are gathered together to celebrate in the culture they love so dearly. As vendors, we are taken care of and truly appreciated by GAAM, and that’s a really great feeling, knowing you’re part of something so integral to this community.

gaam microsoft exhibitor

Lakan W. | Microsoft

GAAM is on my level. Regardless of platform or preference, a gamer is a gamer, and we think on the same level. GAAM is on my level.


Derrick V. | Sony

Your one-stop event in experiencing everything pop culture, art, gaming, and music


Joe G. | The New 8-Bit Heroes

As indie developers, we’ve participated in dozens of gaming meetups, conventions, and events across the country for the past three years. GAAM, above all others, has been consistently rewarding, both professionally and personally. The event and its patrons have made us feel so welcome and appreciated each year that we feel part of its community.


Kory T | K Torjusson Photography

GAAM has easily provided me the opportunity to grow as an artist. It has unexpectedly given me the opportunity to grow as a person and given me a reason to not only participate in but give back to my community. My perception of gamers, nerds, fitness nuts, professional artists, and business professionals has evolved from being one of segregation into a single, helpful, loving unit whose only desire is to see their GAAMily prosper by whatever means necessary.