We <3 Three Muses Clothing

Without Three Muses Clothing, GAAM wouldn’t be where it is today. But that’s a looooong story for another time. Right now we’re gonna talk about them because they’re an awesome supporter of the GAAM Show, and they’ll be doing some super cool giveaways at the show! Why? Just because they looooove cosplayers and gamers!

What? You don’t know who Three Muses Inspired Clothing is? Well they’re a unique costume and corset boutique that carries a variety of ready-to-wear costumes, corsets, pin-up wear and accessories. We can custom fit your purchases on-site, do corset fittings and help you style your outfit from wig to shoes.

So if you’re looking for some awesome costumes or corsets, hit them up at www.ThreeMusesClothing.com. Candy and Brema will take good care of you! 😀