It’s the Ladies from Beyond Imagination Cosplay! Welcome them to GAAM!

beyond imaginzation cosplay - gaam

Beyond Imagination Cosplay is going to be set up in the Cosplay Corner at GAAM! Let’s get to know them a little bit better! 🙂

Beyond Imagination Cosplay by RJ, Keia, & Jae is a cosplay group comprised of three creative, intelligent, artistic, friendly, and super fun geek women passionate about fantasy, science fiction, art, gaming, anime, and cosplay.

Keia had only one dream since childhood: to grow up and become a princess. And due to a significant shortage of diamond studded tiaras, she did the next best thing and became a seamstress. Armed with a mighty sewing machine, she began her craft of costuming and casual clothing. She quests from kingdom to kingdom in search of new challenges and adventures.

Jae is an independent artist with love for all things video game-y, cosplay, sci-fi and fantasy. With a strong background in art history, a knack for traditional media and a desire to learn and develop new techniques, Jannelle aims to break ground in the art and cosplay communities and put a fresh, new, gamer’s twist on classical art styles.

RJ is a creative mind with a passion for writing epic fantasy and poetry, creating graphic art, playing video games, and cosplay. From a young age RJ fell in love with not only the more popular novel/movie franchises such as The Lord of the Rings and Star wars, but was also an avid reader of victorian novels and classics. In addition, RJ took her passion of reading, writing, fantasy, and science fiction with her through her master’s degree in education and became a teacher of English/writing and earth and planetary science to middle school students. And more recently has finished writing her very first fantasy novel of an epic fantasy series she plans on publishing over the next few years.

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