2017 GAAM Cosplay Cast Member – Fluffy Butt Arts

We’ve known Fluffy Butt Arts for a while now, and she never disappoints us. When she was given the task of recreating Windwaker Link for the 2017 GAAM Cosplay shoot, she delivered hard! Not only did she show up in cosplay…but the painting to herself to recreate the look of the game…and the props (which you’ll see at GAAM), were simply outstanding!

You’ll see a bunch of other posts about Brit, mostly because she refuses to spend a moment NOT creating, and is involved now in the Invitational Charity Art Auction, she’s a GAAM Fabricator, and she’ll probably get involved in something else before the show starts up on Aug 12.

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Lastly, here’s what Brit had to say about GAAM. It’s very sincere.

“GAAM is good
GAAM is great
Let us thank him for this food

Amen indeed, Brit. Amen indeed.