GAAMxDragonBall Appreciation Week: Kenji_893


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Hey there Dragon Ball fans! MsValentine back with another Q&A, this time with artist kenji_893. I came across his work when Nicole_DBZ shared it on her Instagram page, and I was totally blown away. His Samurai series really caught my eye and I have come to love and appreciate his style.

Me: What is your earliest memory of Dragon Ball?

kenji_893I think my first memory of Dragon Ball was back when I was a kid, randomly watching and episode on TV of Majin Vegeta vs. SSJ2 Goku – and I instantly loved it!

Me: Who is your favorite character and why

kenji_893: It’s really difficult for me to decide who is my favorite character, I love all the Saiyans. If I had to choose only one maybe Cell Saga Gohan because I really identify with him. 

Me: What motivated you to create art based on Dragon Ball?

kenji_893: I think The basic reason why I draw Dragon Ball characters is because I think they are and look awesome, and I really enjoy trying to give my 

own twist to them. 

Me: Could you describe your process when creating a piece. 

kenji_893My process begins when I start thinking which character to draw, and how to make them even cooler than they already are. After that it’s just me struggling until I am happy with the result. 

Me: If you could voice any character who would it be?

kenji_893I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I would love to voice the new Broly. Mostly him in his base form. 

Me: Are you Team Vegetto or Team Gogeta?

kenji_893I ‘ve always been team Gogeta; my first DBZ figure was of him and I always loved the design of SSJ4 Gogeta. That said, I really like Vegetto too!

Thank you Kenji for taking the time to answer my questions, I truly appreciate getting some insight into your love for Dragon Ball.