GAAM Invitational Charity Artist – Hannah Jones

06092015-gaam-invitational-fb-hannah jacksonI’m Hannah Jones and I am an illustrator specializing in fantasy art, portraiture, and storytelling illustration. I use primarily watercolor and ink, but also work as a chalk artist, and dabble in digital painting. I graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design with my degree in Illustration in 2009.

GAAM has been an exceptional venue for the promotion of artists who work in gaming arts, design, cosplay, and fan art – art forms that are, unfortunately, often overlooked in other artistic settings in the real world. It gives artists and viewers the chance to share their similar passions with one another, and with the added bonus of being suuupper fun. But the charity aspect of GAAM is my favorite – I can’t imagine a better purpose for creating art than helping others.