GAAM Invitational Charity Artist – Cesar Rodriguez

Hi my name is Cesar, my friends call me Cease. I’m a 3D Artist/Illustrator. I’ve worked with some really cool people like: Postmodern Jukebox, Danny “Swift” Garcia, among others. My dream is to one day be an animator on a childrens show.

I have a huge love for video games and art and when I first heard of GAAM it was like a match made in heaven. Due to GAAM I had the courage to release a series I’ve always wanted to do called Obsessions that I put in their juried show, and I even got invited back as an artist (which im still humbled about). Icing on the cake there’s also other artists that are amazing and have the same interests as I do, and the Sprinkles on the icing its all done for CHARITY!

I hope that I can always contribute and be an asset to this amazing thing called GAAM. See you guys there!!(hopefully for real this time)