GAAM All Styles Dance Cypher


Dancing is an art, too, and has always been an important part of the GAAM Show. This year, we’re offering free tickets to dancers who sign up and compete in the GAAM All Styles Dance Cypher (yes, you’ll also be able to do everything else at GAAM, like get in on those free beer hours, play video games, and everything else)!

This year’s prizes are framed certificates and the cash prizes below:
1v1 Cypher grand prize – $100
Best blow up (Power move, flip, basically a big move) – $50
Best Beat Kill – $50
Femme Fatale – $50
Cypher King/Queen (most energy) – $50

The top two dancers at the end of the Cypher will compete in a head to head 1v1 for a grand prize

(Judges will be announced shortly)

Fill out the form below, and we’ll respond to you within 24 hours regarding your ticket.

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GAAM All Styles Dance Cypher