GAAM Fashion X Cosplay Model – Ted Ohrt

gaam-cosplay-fashion-iron man jax-post headerI am a huge fanboy. I love fantasy, sci-fi, comics, and so on. I have always enjoyed costumes. I have been a hobbyist costumer since making a Superman costume on my own in 1998. Originally the costuming I did was for Halloween and then for local, themed events. I began attending Con’s in costume with The Three Muses at MegaCon in 2012. Since then I have learned a great deal about the art of building, buying, and wearing costumes. My costumes include a wide range of genres: comics, Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror, anime, steampunk, and even cartoons. I have expanded my skills to include crafting costumes for others and even building props and fabricating costume pieces out of Worbla and EVA Foam. I have had the opportunity to be a panelist at WasabiCon and to be panelist and a ‘Guest Judge’ for a costume contest at ConJure 2014.

GAAM represents an interesting venue for the Jacksonville scene. It’s not a traditional convention, since it has a smaller focus, but it isn’t closed minded about the attendees. I like that there is an overarching theme, so that even if it is something I am not familiar with I can learn about it and still participate. GAAM not only encourages local artists and talents, it bolsters them. I have been to all four GAAMs and even participated behind the scenes for one. I have enjoyed each of them and look forward to their continued growth and expansion.

You can find out more about Ted on his facebook page,