GAAM Fashion X Cosplay Super Model – Joyce “Lystrade” Kay

It can easily be said that gaming runs in Joyce Roberson’s blood, since opening up that Super Nintendo Entertainment System one Christmas morning, to the many years of arguing who would be Mario and who would be Luigi that followed. Spending the majority of her free time as a child playing games with her siblings (both of which took different paths to being competitive gamers, one in League of Legends, the other in DOTA), Joyce began exploring the different worlds of MMORPGs and RTS games. When she isn’t masterminding strategies to conquer her foes in the latest RTS, she is riding across Hyrule, Skyrim, or some other distant land to get her fix of adventure.

This love of games has led to her adoption of cosplay as a hobby, where she can represent her fandom in new and exciting ways. Cosplaying for over 10 years, Joyce self-taught herself to sew, apply stylized make-up, draft patterns, style wigs, and even create intricate pieces of armor.

Cosplay led Joyce to team up with GAAM for their cosplay photo-shoots, starting at the Legend of GAAM (Zelda-themed) shoot (both as a character and fashion-themed model) and continuing at the GAAM-Fantasy shoot (Final Fantasy-themed) as a character.

“What I love about GAAM is the community. Everyone I’ve met has been incredibly friendly and passionate about the work they put into GAAM and any hobby or goal they dive into. Friendship!”