GAAM Fashion X Cosplay Model – Alexander Salas

gaam cosplay fashion greenawsHello! I am Alexander. A carpenter, fan-boy of the late 80’s to 90’s games, mediocre cinephile, and collector of ties.
GAAM. GAAM is what gives Jacksonville a chance to be something other than the city you avoid on your way to your true destination. It’s the gathering place for people who love the escape of gamming, the culture of art, and the heart of music.
To be part of this GAAM world is basically like feeding the poor, but the poor are people hungry for popular culture. I’ve met so many people who share my interest, and have had conversations about crafting that I don’t find the opportunity to have anywhere else nearby.
GAAM is where you go to enjoy the best side of Jacksonville. It’s the side that’s too easy to miss. Hope I’m not too cheesy, but people love the hell out of cheese.

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