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The Tournament of Legarren – Charity Fitness Competition

More details, ticketing info and workouts will be released at a later date.

The Tournament of Legarren is a charity fitness competition benefiting Extra Life Jacksonville and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Entry will be on a “pay-what-you want” model with 100% of entry fees going to Extra Life.

In the fantastical world of Legarren, there is a competition between all the nations in the land every year. The winner of the tournament is given the honorary title of Knight of Legarren. In this year’s competition, to foster co-operation between the participants, the tournament has become team based.

Assemble your team. You will need:
A Fighter: someone good at bodyweight fitness, like pushups and air squats.
A Barbarian: someone good at lifting heavy weights.
A Ranger: someone good at running.
A Druid: someone good at body control and balance, like a yoga specialist.

Teams of four will compete in this tournament, with the winners being crowned Knights of Legarren.

There will also be individual displays of ability, where individuals of a given class will compete against each other. Pit your best Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger and Druid against those of the other lands!

This is a competition to support a great cause and for bragging rights. Let’s keep it FUN!

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