UNF Nature Trails

1 Unf Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32224

Critical Fit Adventure Hike!

Join us for our first-ever Adventure Hike!

Enter the fantastical world of Legarren (in this case, the UNF Nature Trails) for a one-shot adventure including hiking and fitness challenges for all skill levels and classes! Expect danger, intrigue, and of course, some combat as only Critical Fit stories can provide.

Prepare by bringing comfortable shoes (preferably trail shoes if you have them; regular cross-trainers will be fine) and plenty of water. We will have a recovery lunch after the session so bring snacks to enjoy with your fellow adventurers!

Things to be aware of, from the UNF Trails website:
“Leave only your cares, Take only memories
Even after 35 years of growth, UNF continues to protect hundreds of acres of Wild Florida. All regulations are designed to protect the integrity of the habitat. Remember you are a visitor here; help us protect this place for future generations of plants, animals and people. Low-impact recreation, education, research and exploration continue as our guiding principles.”

This is a nature preserve! As such, we will not disturb any of the flora or fauna on the UNF grounds. This includes interacting with any wildlife that may be present, littering, or otherwise vandalizing this great resource for the community. If you break these rules, you will be asked to leave the party, zero tolerance.

In lieu of any admission fees for this adventure, we ask that you make a small donation to the UNF Trails to help them with development and upkeep of the trail system.

Are you ready for adventure?

RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/events/690998921261470/