#GAAM Cosplay Spotlight: Nona Zieba

Nona Zieba you’re in the #GAAM Cosplay Spotlight! 😀

Nona is a 23 year old from Orlando, FL, who loves conventions! She’s been attending for  about 7years, but has only just discovered her talent for building costumes in 2012.  Man, she got good fast! 🙂

She works at a craft store while going to school for digital media. Most of her free time is spent working on new costumes, which often take months to complete. When she’s not working on cosplay, she enjoys spending time playing video games like World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Pokemon, and various other Playstation or Wii games.

She’s really looking forward to Megacon 2014 where she will be debuting my newest costume, Gipsy Danger, from the movie Pacific Rim! (You have no idea how awesome that is to us! XD)

Her dream is to one be able to afford to attend Comic-Con in California and is really excited for the new game Wild Star.

So be sure to check Nona and her cosplay adventures at https://www.facebook.com/NonaNeonCosplay! Who knows what she’ll make next!

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